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I'll tell you something about the Fitness Game that you may not know. Whether you join Gyms, peddle a push bike, or walk laps of your neighbourhood, the fact is this. There is an 85% chance that you won't last out three months. And in those 12 odd weeks where you spend your one hour a day, three times a week get-fit routines - you will have little to show for it. Then you will drift off, and probably go back to the way you were before you started. Kevin Chevell can fix that. Use the Chevell methods to fitness and you will experience a sense of being strong and fit. I will teach you ways and means that you can use the rest of your life.

FACT: 85% of those who start exercising will drop out within 3 months. It should be the other way around. So why isn't it? If after some lessons you began playing guitar or piano say three times a week, and you found it to be very rewarding and satisfying and you made outstanding progress, would you give it away? Answer: Of course you wouldn't! It would mean too much to you, to do that. Well, I've got one question. Why do we give up on exercise so easily, when we all know how good it's supposed to be for us? Like I said, those statistics should say that 85% stay with regular exercise, not give up. When you are taught the right methods in the first place, you will experience out of exercise what you should get from exercise, and there's an 85% chance you will stay with it

I have gathered wisdom from a lifelong passion and involvement in exercise. I have read nearly every book, done the study, tried every approach to fitness and formed methods that deliver rewards that only ever reach less than 5% of anyone who has ever given fitness a try.

Discover the secret - behind the CHEVELL system to total fitness